Man Unsure if Noise Was Fart

At approximately 4:58pm PST, Charlie McKinny heard a noise that he was pretty sure was a fart, but could of been something else.

Farts can sound like a lot of things.  And a lot of things, if not paying close attention, can sound like farts.  A sock against a wooden coffee table, a creaky chair, a slow moving zipper.  All have been mistaken for farts in the past by millions of Americans.  And today is no different.

“My office is a pretty quiet one most days,” stated the 32-year old professional, “so every noise sticks out.  Today I heard a noise and at first, could’ve sworn it was a fart.  But when no one else reacted, I thought ‘maybe I mistook a normal noise for a fart.'”

Charlie is currently sniffing in the general direction the noise came from. Just to be 100% sure.

Sniff it while it's fresh.

Sniff it while it’s fresh.

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