Joseph Liebermann Mistaken for Dead ‘Different Strokes’ Dad

Joseph Liebermann being sworn into Congress.

In a stunning turn of events, a napping Joseph Liebermann was mistaken for the recently deceased dad from the ’80’s sitcom Different Strokes, Conrad Bain.

Joseph Liebermann was reportedly sleepy from another five hour day in Congress.  He was so sleepy that he decided to sit down on a park bench on the way back to his office.  But in that time, the long-time politician let his guard down for the first time since he was elected to congress.  He fell asleep on that park bench.  Washington D.C. is no stranger to people sleeping on benches.  But not usually United States Congressman.  His nap became so serene that passersby began to worry.  There did not seem to be movement.  Everyone claimed to “sort of” recognize who he was, but “not really.”

“I mean he’s an old white guy,” stated 37 year-old accountant Jerry Coleman.  “They all look the same to me.  Oops, is that racist?”  It was not until someone blurted out “isn’t that the dad from Different Strokes, and isn’t he dead?” that people came to the agreement that a Weekend at Bernie’s situation had occurred and he must be returned to his place of rest.  The crowd then picked him up and carried him more than fifteen miles to the nearest airport.  From there they bought him a ticket and brought him to Albert, Canada where the real Conrad Bain is buried.

It was not until they arrived at the graveyard holding Joseph Liebermann that he began to stir awake.  “I was so scared,” proclaimed Ingrid Yu.  “We were all sure he must be a zombie.  So we tried to kill him.  But as we held a metal stake to his heart, we saw his identification.  Classic mix up!”  Joseph Liebermann is back, safe in the apple orchards he has been noted to cry about on the floors of Congress.


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