Local Woman Preparing Early to Complain About April Taxes.

Local woman Ali Hamper has been extremely well prepared this year to complain about taxes and their April 15th deadline.

Tax season is somewhat upon us, but as most know, millions of Americans will wait until the last moments to file their taxes.  But local Ohio resident Ali Hamper has taken it upon herself to begin complaining about taxes much earlier this year.  Much of the nation has yet to begin filing complaints with the Internal Revenue Service.  “I usually wait until April 14th,” stated Ali.  “This year I made a New Year’s resolution to complain about things before they become a problem.  And I’m holding true to my word.”

Waiting until the last second to complain about taxes can cause headaches, upset stomaches, and being audittuded by the IRS.  “Not this year.  It’s a new me.  I can complain about things on my own time now.  It’s quite relaxing.”


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