Oscars Audience Gives Harvey Weinstein Standing Ovation as He Violently Masturbates on Stage

Happy man right there.

Tonight, many standing ovations were had, but none lasted longer than when Harvey Weinstein, the outspoken head of the Weinstein Company, took the stage and proceeded to violently masturbate for ten minutes on stage, despite not winning a any award.

The Oscars were held tonight, awarding the incredible achievements in film for the year 2012 in all departments including sound mixing, acting, writing, and directing.  Part way through the awards, when the Oscar for best editing was being given out, Harvey Weinstein rushed the stage and took the Oscar for his own in pure Kanye style party crashing.  What is even more surprising is that instead of explaining what he was doing, he dropped his pants and began to violently masturbate on stage.

“It was revolutionary,” stated first-time Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.  “He’s cut-throat, but he doesn’t stick with the status quo.  That’s why he’s so successful.  The masturbating simply embodies that.”  The Academy attempted to play the music to lead him off, but he simply stuck with it.  In total Harvey was up there for 11 minutes and the audience gave an raucous standing ovation the entire time.

Harvey Weinstein did not receive any awards, though Jennifer Lawrence and Quentin Tarantino won awards for their Weinstein Company movies.  Rumors circulate whether this will become a new tradition of the Oscars, or if it already was.


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