Killing of American Sniper Shines Light on War’s Brutal Aftermath. And also Beginning and Middle. But Mainly Just the Aftermath.

The recent murder of the United States’ deadliest military sniper has many discussing the horrid aftermath that comes from war.  It even has some of those people discussing the fact that usually the lead in to war is awful and the actual war part itself is just as horrific.  But the aftermath is mainly the gruesome part.

Chris Kyle killed well over a hundred during his time serving as a Navy SEAL Sniper in Iraq.  In his autobiography he noted that he had “no remorse” for those he had taken from this earth.  But what is most gruesome about his time in war, is definitely not the whole war part.  It is him coming home.  That is pretty gruesome.  Many who have left the military behind them have to find jobs, which is extremely gruesome.  They also have to live a peaceful life, which is very gruesome.  Some are separated from people they served in the military with even though they became really good friends.  That is also extremely gruesome.  Since Chris Kyle’s murder, many have discussed how gruesome this part of war is and how to avoid it.

Some have suggested the military members staying in their ranks forever.  Others maintain that looking at what went on before their time in the military will help figure out why so many have difficulties re-entering the everyday life of a normal citizen.  Even the idea of the just not going to war and forcing young men to kill multiple nameless, faceless individuals was brought up at one point but then laughed off as a ridiculous idea.  One thing is for sure.  Something needs to be done.


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