Roger Goodell Just Realizing the Buffalo Bills Did Not Play this Season.

No wonder they don’t do well. Their picture is of their mascot taking a bullet to the head.

Many NFL teams go unnoticed throughout the season as it becomes clear their chances of a Superbowl victory are slim.  But none has gone more unnoticed than the Buffalo Bills.  In fact, Roger Goodell just realized that they did not even play one game this season.

NFL Playoffs are in full swing as of this weekend where it has become time to reflect on the past season, and the prospects for the eliminated teams in the upcoming draft.  While looking at who would receive what drafting spot something peculiar occurred.  The numbers were not lining up.  “We have a certain amount of draft picks, a certain amount of eliminated teams, and a certain amount of teams in the playoffs,” stated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  “We were one off each time.  So we took our search to Wikipedia to see what teams actually play in the NFL and we noticed that the Buffalo Bills did not have a record this season.”

Apparently, the ever-mediocre Buffalo Bills saw their chances of winning the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season as practically non-existent.  “We decided that it was in the best interest of our fans, our players, and the organization as a whole, to forgo the season,” stated Bills head coach Chan Gailey.  “You have no idea how upsetting every game is for us.  Even a win feels like a loss.”  Questions circulated as to why Chan was let go recently, and the decision to forgo and entire football season may be a small factor in that.  The Buffalo Bills are hoping to start anew by giving themselves a new mascot or switching from Buffalo to Poughkeepsie.  Anything to get better.


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