White Girl in Africa Wishes Everyone Would Stop Asking to Feel Her Hair

Her hair used to be blonde.

Amanda Hart, aged 24, has been living in Africa for three years now helping build schools and would really just like everyone to stop asking if they can touch her hair.

Amanda left the United States in search of a greater cause than herself.  Wide-eyed she entered the sub-saharan plains of Africa looking to build schools, teach, and purify water sources.  Since her departure in 2011, she has done just that.  Three schools have been built, two for children and one adult school.  Clean water now reaches thousands more.  And the town has slowly come out of poverty and unhappiness.  But one thing has been bugging Amanda ever since she started.  People will not stop asking to feel her hair.

“I mean, I love everyone here,” said Hart.  “But come on, is my hair really THAT weird?  It’s just hair.  It’s like they’ve never seen a white person before.”  She reportedly has at least three hundred and twelve hands touch her hair daily.  That comes out to over a hundred and fifty people according to math.  “Can you believe how smooth her hair is?” asked one student.  “I mean all of our hair is one way.  Her hair is different.  I’m going to see if I can touch it again.”  Countless germs are spread from hands to other hosts so the risk of catching something increases every time someone touches her hair.  “It has become a cesspool of hand sweat and I’m sure other stuff I don’t want to think about.”  Amanda has no plans to leave Africa so that people will stop touching her hair, but who knows when her breaking point will be?  Probably three weeks.

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2 Responses to White Girl in Africa Wishes Everyone Would Stop Asking to Feel Her Hair

  1. Betsy Cox says:

    This amazing girl is my niece and her last name is actually Keating. She has done more good in her short life that most people I know. Her sense of community and environmental responsibility is boundless. I love her and she is my hero!

  2. Clabbe says:

    Being a big person as I am with visible tattoos and stretched earlobes, I also encounter this wherever I travel. Even in my own country. People wanna feel, see and discover. Nothing I have anything against but sometimes it makes you feel like an animal in a cage.
    I Guess we are all just sensations in other peoples eyes?
    Kudos for doing a great job over there.

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