Upset Woman Commenting on Satire Site Still Makes a Good Point

A very upset woman recently commented on a satire news website claiming that “she can’t believe this could happen in a world,” and that “she is outraged beyond belief.”  Though other comments have stated that even though she is getting mad at a fake story, she still has a good point.

On November 30, 2012 at exactly 9:54 pm, Betsy Brucks commented on a post entitled “David Hasselhoff Leading Revolution in Germany.”  The post had received numerous comments including “lawl” by PittyKitty33, “damn man hasselhoff got doze nutz” by Fly Guy, and “Heil Hitler” from Notonmeganslaw69.  But one stood out amongst the usuals.  Betsy Brucks, code named BetsyBrucks, commented saying “I can’t believe this is happening!  People need to stop worshipping celebrities.  I mean come on!  Who cares what David Hasselhoff has done in the past present or future.  Right?  We should have a revolution against him!  Who’s with me!”  Despite the fact that Betsy clearly did not get the attempt at a joke, she still maintains that she made an excellent point.

“I mean I guess I get it NOW,” stated Betsy.  “But that is really besides the point!  People love celebrities because of their faces and their hair people and their tv appearances.  They should love math and science like India and Japan do.  Let me tell you something else…”  At this point Rawful News reporters vacated the premises because they knew it would be endless tormenting of vague droll.  To this day, Betsy maintains that she was not foolish for seriously commenting on a satire site as people have “something to learn from her.”


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