NBA Statement: “Thank God those couple of tiny white refs were there to break up that fight”

There he is, you can kind of see him.

Recently, a fight broke out between Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets and what seemed like the entire Celtics starting five.  The National Basketball League has come out with a statement thanking those “tiny little white men we call refs.”

The full statement is as follows:

“We want to thank the brave little white men we call refs for stepping in and doing their part by breaking up the fight between what most people would consider to be monsters.  They blew their whistles and pushed with all their might, and eventually the basketball players were a fright.  Oh shit that just rhymed haha.  Anywhozers.  We always pride ourselves on choosing the smallest people that we know could break up a fight between seven foot tall behemoths and other seven foot tall behemoths.  And in this sport they don’t even have yellow flags filled with magical power to separate them.  It is all their might.  And we salute you.  No raises though.”

The National Basketball Association would also like to thank the whistle suppliers as those things hurt really bad when they are blown close by.


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