Republicans Ask For Ronald Reagan’s Impeachment Because He is No Ronald Reagan

In a stunning turn of events, the GOP has asked that Ronald Reagan be formally impeached, because he is definitely no Ronald Reagan.

Republicans have begun a new trend in Congress ever since President Barack Obama won a second term.  Because they know their talk of impeachment will no longer stir up the base.  So they have moved on to impeaching past presidents.  Bill Clinton has already been impeached a second time.  George H.W. has somewhat slipped under the radar as nobody cares about him.  And they landed on a president who raised taxes, who called for peace, and planned on cutting the amount of nuclear weapons in the United States’ stockpile by one third.  That man was Ronald Reagan.

The Republicans, stuck between a rock and a hard place, have chosen their strict morals over their fearless hero.  The application to impeach President Ronald Reagan was submitted this afternoon at 4:58 pm, eastern time.  They did so before the strike of 5pm just to make sure they all got out on time.  The Rawful News staff is dedicated to bringing you up to the minute coverage on this shocking and unnecessary development.


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