Man Accusing Elmo of Pedophilia Was Totes Joshin’

The man who recently accused Elmo’s pupeteer of having sexual intercourse while he was underage has released a statement that he was “totes just joshin’ around.”

A former lover of the Elmo pupeteer recently told the media that their sexual encounters were when the anonymous Pennsylvania man was a minor, thereby accusing him of pedophilia/child rape.  Being a part of such a well-known child’s program, it was clear why there was such an uproar.  It was not until the anonymous gentleman saw the uproar that he decided to set the record straight.  “I was totes joshin’ guys,” stated the now 26 Pennsylvania man.  “Didn’t know everyone was gonna get all weird about it.  Sheesh.”  He also wanted to make sure that people stop “taking rape so seriously.”  The impact this will have on Elmo’s puppeteer is probably minimal because no one will remember any part of this story in a year, especially not the part about him raping a child.


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2 Responses to Man Accusing Elmo of Pedophilia Was Totes Joshin’

  1. idiotprufs says:

    Elmo has always creeped me out.

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