Politicians Continue to Litter the Jersey Shore with Millions of Trash Bags

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, and on the eve of a nor’easter, American politicians have been travelling to the devastated portions of the East Coast in order to assess the damage and help in any way they can.  But the efforts have been short-lived as all of the politicians are simply bringing thousands of trash bags, and then leaving them all over the place to the point of snow being completely covered with trash bags.

It is no surprise that these politicians do not wish to get their hands dirty when push comes to shove.  But it has been taken to an all-time low.  Or an all-time high depending on your perspective.  But each of the 112 politicians that has hit the East Coast has reportedly brought with them and their staff an average of thirteen thousand trash bags.  Not one of those were filled with garbage by those politicians.  In fact, recently because of the nor’easter, politicians have just been sending in air raids of trash bags as they fly over safely in a helicopter or airplane.  Trash bags by the thousands are dumped everywhere.  One bundle smashed through the only house left standing on the Jersey Shore.

“There will be a dire need for cleanups in the coming days and weeks,” stated Speaker Boehner.  “We are doing all we can to help.”  When questioned about whether all he could do was just dumping trash bags everywhere he stated “What else is there to do?”


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