In the Event of a Tie, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Will Play Game of ‘Gay Chicken’ To Determine Winner

Never has there been quite the distinct possibility of a tie during a presidential election as we see today.  The threat of a tie is real and scary knowing this process could go on for months.  That is exactly why lawyers have been scowering laws to figure out exactly how the tie breaker would be handled.  Today, the solution was found.  A game of “gay chicken” would decide the final outcome of our 2012 presidential election.

What is gay chicken you ask?  I’m glad you asked, otherwise this article would be pointless.  Gay chicken is where two (seemingly) straight men, face one another and slowly move in for the kiss.  Whoever quits first loses.  Romney’s lawyers have been arguing that the winner is the person who quits first because homosexuality is a sin, whether doing it ironically or not.  “Most men avoid gay in all situations,” stated longtime lawyer of the Romney family.  “So wouldn’t it make most sense that the person to pull away first wins.  They’re not gay.”

Litigation has been extremely tiresome and has included dozens of law firms working around the clock to make a decision on whether winning the game is winning, or being less gay is winning.  But even with a consensus amongst the legal community, if a tie were to occur, it would almost certainly go to the Supreme Court.


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