Tonight’s Debate Totally Different in That the Podiums are Faced Directly At Each Other.

Tonight was the third and final presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  Most debates seem the same, so this one needed to add a different style.  That style was facing the podiums directly toward each other and touching them together.

The intensity has increased ten fold from the first debate to the second debate.  The third debate obviously needed to follow the same trend.  So in order to up the ante, the debate moderator decided to place the podiums touching and facing one another.  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were unaware of the last minute changes, and that was the point.  “Think about the last time you looked someone in the eye for longer than a split second,” stated moderator Bob Schieffer.  “You probably either thought they wanted to fuck or fight.  Either way the debate would be great.

It became very intense at about thirty seconds in and did not quit until the end.  Most believe that Barack Obama won the debate, but most believe Mitt Romney won the true battle of the staring contest.


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