Romney’s Binder Girl #4559822-E

After Romney’s infamous “binders of women’ gaffe at the second Presidential debate, we at Rawful News decided to find the coveted business little black books.  And of course we found them.  Do not ask how.  But we decided to reveal each profile one by one.  Tonight, Binder Girl #4559822-E

Name: Patricia Brecht

Current Occupation: Always at Home Mom/Nanny to her own children

Underwear type: Typically silk with a little lace.

Breast size: Double D

Degree: Masters in Economics from Harvard; JD of Finance at Yale.

Analysis: Patricia is probably a hard-working little girl that loves to be called pet names and makes a mean pot of java.  She probably has more than one kid.  Her hair is usually up, but boy when she takes it down she can really shine.


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