Romney Releases Birth Certificate Just for the Hell of it.

On this Sunday Romney decided not to rest as he released his birth certificate today, pretty much just for the hell of it.

It seems at this point that Governor Romney’s chances of being elected President in November have all but disappeared.  Many have been stating since the beginning that he needs to reinvigorate the Republican base, those ardent individuals who have never been too thrilled about his candidacy.  In a last ditch effort to remind Americans at the very least, that he is also American.  “I realized I have very little to lose at this point,” stated Romney in an interview he had planned and knew was happening.  “I just thought, fucking it, why not?”

Despite the fact no one has cared enough to ask for his birth certificate, he still released it.  So far it has been circulating no where and has only been commented on by this institution.


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