Exclusive Interview with the Buckingham Palace Guards.

A lot of people have been vying for the attention of the British Royal Family in the wake of Kate Middleton’s nude pictures.  But there is one group that has not been asked about the recent scandal: the Buckingham Palace Guards.  We recently interviewed a Buckingham Palace Guards to find out their opinions on the matter.

RN Report:  Please state your names for the record.

Guard: ………..

RN Reporter:  We will just assume you all wish to remain anonymous.  When did you first hear or Kate Middleton’s leaked pictures?

Guard: ………..

RN Reporter:  Perhaps you have not heard, though I find it hard to imagine it has not gotten around in the juicy gossip of the Buckingham locker rooms.  In case you are not aware, Kate Middleton who married into being your boss, was photographed with her husband, who was born into being your boss, naked.  How do you think she should handle this situation?

Guard: ………

RN Reporter:  Oh I see.  You think she should handle it by not talking to the press.  By not acknowledging the bad news and just moving past it.  Interesting.  Have you seen the pictures yourself?

Guard: ……….

RN Reporter:  Haha I totally know what you mean.  Atta boy.  Pound it.

Guard: ……….

RN Reporter:  I forgot you guys don’t like to be touched.  It’s ok, my next interviewee is Howie Mandel.  If you had any advice for Kate Middleton, what would it be?

Guard: ………..

RN Reporter:  Now you’re just being a dick.  Fuck you.  This interview is over.


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One Response to Exclusive Interview with the Buckingham Palace Guards.

  1. Eric M. Ruiz says:

    At least you didn’t ask about the sub-par English football team.

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