Mars Rover Using Instagram Ironically

NASA has announced that the Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ will only be taking pictures and publishing them through their instagram app but that it’s ok because “it’s totally ironic.”

The Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ has been publishing its first pictures from the surface of the hot red planet and sending them back to Earth.  But the pictures have looked a little off.  There has been an unexpected grainy quality to the pictures.  Most were assuming the pictures would come out as clear as crystal considering the tremendous strides HD cameras have made in the past decade.  The explanation is simple.  The man in charge of the photographs coming back down to Earth is the one who became famous after the landing.  He is the only nerd with a mohawk.

Well that mohawked nerd made the executive decision to tape his iPhone to ‘Curiosity’ instead of keeping the 1080p lens that was meant for interstellar travel.  Bobak Ferdowski tweeted out to the world that “It’s totes funny.  We have the tech to go to Mars but use a shitty grain. #NASA #NSFW”  NASA has made plans to return curiosity to Earth in order to replace the camera real quick and then send it immediately back to Mars.


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