Vast Majority of Women at DNC Now Pregnant From Listening to Bill Clinton’s Speech

Majority of the women who attended the Democratic have reportedly been impregnated from Bill Clinton’s speech.

Bill Clinton spoke for a long time retorting everything the Republicans had accused Democrats of, while attempting to show President Obama can be just as good a President without shining him.  It was a masterful blending of charisma, facts, firmly placed jokes, and of course sperm.  On the way out of the convention, all women were handed pregnancy tests.  The Democratic Party stated that it was “just in case.”

Well enough time has passed to tell whether or not someone was impregnated via speech.  The DNC has been flooded with calls in the past five hours stating that their pregnancy tests had tested positive.  Even the few that were already pregnant said that their ultrasounds revealed a newly created fetus completely separate from the already existing baby.  Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the words that have flown from Bill Clinton’s mouth.  Those words, so potent, they impregnated an entire stadium.  Thousands of babies will be born out of rhetoric but legally have no binding connection to the Clinton family as Bill put into place a law exonerating any such person from impregnating folks with his potency.  Also, the law insists that they are all named Bill.


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