‘The Onion’ Writer Blows Brains Out Trying to Come up With Silly Way to Make Fun of President Obama

‘The Onion,’ a popular news satire website, recently lost one of their writers who committed suicide after being handed the task of trying to create a story about President Barack Obama making the man look silly.

The famous satire website has been slamming Mitt Romney day in and day out for the past five years because he is a rather goofy, rigid and odd looking individual.  He also has trouble speaking in both public and private, and has the laugh of a hyena on repeat.  Barack Obama on the other hand is calm, cool, and collected.  His speaking voice is deep and soothing.  Even singing in front of a large crowd, he can look smooth.  Mitt Romney sang in front of a crowd and has been remixed on Youtube.

Last month, Carey Mesch, a writer for the Onion News Network, was given the task of writing a silly story about President Obama.  Since then he had made multiple attempts but apparently never came close.  “He tried a couple stories about him being a clown,” stated Onion Editor Jerry Thanethanaypong.  “Because Obama is so charismatic, nothing really ever made sense.  At the end he was sending us dozens of ideas a day.  One was something about penguin sex.  It was getting ridiculous.”

Carey took his life at approximately 11:37 pm est. with a handgun.  He left a note that only read “whatever at least I don’t live in a socialist United States now.”


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2 Responses to ‘The Onion’ Writer Blows Brains Out Trying to Come up With Silly Way to Make Fun of President Obama

  1. List of X says:

    I was thinking of writing something about Obama lately. So thank you for warning me, I will stick to Mitt-picking from now on.

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