2012 Election Prediction: 100% Voter Turnout. Same Stupid People are Elected.

In a miraculous turn of events, Rawful Polls has concluded through a ten thousand person double blind study that the United States will have 100% voter turnout but will have the same stupid politicians elected again.

Since the dawn of democracy, political scientists and philosophers have insisted that all eligible voters should vote.  It is their civic duty and a responsibility.  Millions upon millions have fought and died for the right to allow voting rights to people across the world.  Many are still fighting for those rights.  This kind of absolutism intrigued Rawful News’ curiosity.

During the study of ten thousand American citizens that are currently/will be eligible to vote for the November 2012 General Election, the same proportion of Americans said they would vote for the “same stupid people” as opposed to those who have great ideas and are willing to compromise on issues with opposing viewpoints to better the country.  When asked about why they would not vote for an intelligent mind in congress of the White House people responded with a variety of claims.  “I’m just not used to that kind of man in office.  Or woman.  Probably a man,” stated one participant.  Another said “Someone that intelligent with that much power could REALLY be dangerous.”  And twenty four year old recent college grad stated “that’d be gay.”

Instead, most people have decided to no longer vote as most agree “what is the point we’ll all be speaking Chinese in a few years anyways.”


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