Instead of Speaking at the RNC, Paul Ryan Did Push Ups for Fifteen Minutes.

Squeeze the bis.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryanwas set to speak last night at the Republican National Convention but instead simply did push ups for fifteen minutes straight.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has seen a meteoric rise in the past few months for several reasons.  His clear speaking ability.  His steadfast conservatism.  But mainly his physique.  One of the reasons he has become well known is because of his great physical condition.  He reportedly can do over a million pushups and over a billion sit ups if you can believe that!

When Congressman Ryan came out to the podium and received resounding applause it appeared as if he would speak.  But something in him changed and he switched to a push up position.  From there he began his push ups as the crowd went ‘insane.’  “Oh my goodness I would marry him,” stated random onlooker.  “Of course I would vote for him too.  SO DREAMY!”  Since what is being labelled as “Push Up-Gate,” Romney’s approval rating has skyrocketed.  Millions of Americans have switched to his side of the voting booth and will certainly tip the proverbial (and real) scales in his direction. 

Biden better hope an arm wrestling contest isn’t the decider in case of a tie!


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