Woman Who Spent all her Money on Beauty Routine Now Beautiful Inside and Out

Tracy Pullman has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for the past twenty years on her beauty routine and has finally achieved true beauty inside and out.

Tracy’s routine has included an eight hour prep to her day.  Her diamond encrusted skin creams, organic cucumber baths, and butt massages are just a small preview to her day.  It then is followed by a grueling three hour work out session led by the creator of P90X, Tony Horton.  That workout session is followed by a two hour spa session so her muscles are able to relax thoroughly.  After the spa, she has a professional make-up artist put on her make-up.  This is not any make-up artist though.  It is the same one that did Brad Pitt’s make-up for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and made him look like he did in Thelma and Louise.  After that she goes through another training with the creator of the Insanity workouts.  And for dessert she goes for an hour long tanning session.  Every single day.

As of August 21, 2012, the world has decided Tracy Pullman has achieved true beauty inside and out.  Her beauty routine has finally allowed her to become the total package.  Someone that everyone will love no matter what happens.  Someone that can do no wrong.  Someone that will probably go to heaven.  She still has plans to continue the beauty routine in order to maintain the level of beauty, but may take time out of her day to spit on the poor just to pick up a new hobby.


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