Dog Taking a Poop Totally Just Ruined Encounter With Hot Girl

Jeremy Steinfeld, aged 27, totally bought his first dog only five months ago.  Being a puppy still, the dog named Danny Masterson totally has almost unlimited energy.  Jeremy has totally been giving the dog two walks a day just to calm it down.  On his evening walk with it yesterday the dog totally ruined the encounter with a hot chick, reports say.

At approximately 6:54, Jeremy started his w-a-l-k because of the cool air at that time, and also because “this hot chick is always jogging at that time,” stated Jeremy.  He had apparently been hoping she would stop to pet his puppy during her run, but he had always just missed her.  Or she would be running on the other side of the street and it would totally look weird to just cross the street randomly for no reason.

But this day was different.  This day, she was clearly running straight towards him.  He knew it was his time.  Except as she was about thirty feet away, Danny Masterson totally started taking the dump of its life.  When she finally got close enough to pet, the dog was just finishing up.  But at that time, he knew he could not be the jerk who left poop on the ground.  So he grabbed his bag and picked up the poop in his hand.  With poop in hand, he met eyes with her.  He totally knew all had been lost.  No comment from the runner girl if she was completely offended or just never cared about him in the first place.


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