End Pieces of the Loaf Really Starting to Feel Left Out

Totes delish.

In the wake of lunch time, the end pieces of the loaf are really starting to feel left out, reported the nation’s bread supply.

After a fury of sandwich preparations today, 9 out of 10 end pieces were either thrown away, used to wipe up messes, or were kept inside of the bag never to be heard from again.  Many people have passive aggressively shown their distate for an entire piece of bread covered in crust by never using them.  Sometimes they are sentenced to death by trash can.  Other times they are sentenced to a life of internment as they are slowly eaten by parasites inside of a plastic bag.

Those pieces of bread have recently started a union though, known as the Center of Beaten Bread (COBB).  Together they are banning together to find work for the mistreated bread pieces.  Some are being used as bread crumbs for things like tilapia or chicken.  Others have found employment as something to wipe up yolk from fried eggs.  A few have even found work as extras in Hollywood.  A spokesperson for the group stated however that “even though these pieces of bread are slowly finding work, it is still very disconcerting that the general public would refuse them just because of their look.  They are hearty and delicious.  You should try one yourself.”


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