Local Pastor Asks Followers to “Punch a gay in the dick.”

James Dean was bi. This picture is great.

Atlanta Pastor Jeffrey Hasmat has come under scrutiny recently for insisting that his followers “punch a gay in the dick” if they come across one.

Many churches have less than jovial views of the homosexual community, but Pastor Hasmat has taken it a step further.  He asks that violence be taken against what he refers to as “the gays.”  But he asks that the violence be centralized in the area of the penis. 

“The penis is where the gays hold all of their power,” stated Pastor Hasmat.  “If you take away their gay power, they may choose to be straight once again.  It’s their only hope Obi Wan Kenobi.  Sorry.  Big Star Wars fan.”  So far there have been no reported incidents of assault on gay penises, but there have been numerous reported incidences of passive aggression towards gay penises as many people are too afraid to pull the trigger but still want to show their defiance on the matter.


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4 Responses to Local Pastor Asks Followers to “Punch a gay in the dick.”

  1. List of X says:

    If even James Dean was bi, wasn’t Obi bi?

  2. anomie says:

    I can’t believe people follow these nutters!

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