5 Cool Things You Can Teach Your Parents To Do With Their iPhone.

Older folks are slowly beginning to switch from the Blackberry to iPhones.  They have been very hesitant for years because they are afraid of touch screens, but it has become inevitable.  So here at Rawful News, we felt it pertinent to explain some of the things your parents can do with their iPhones.

1. Turn it on: Now that your parents have an iPhone, they will need to turn it on.  That makes using the phone much easier.

2. Make a call: Your parents will inevitably need to make a phone call.  Especially since phone calls are much easier to ignore than text messages.  Go to the phone app and from there you can make a call.

3. What an “app” is: Apps are those little squares on the screen.  Each one takes you to a different thing that you’ll probably be afraid to mess up so you won’t use them.

4. Texting: Texting is unimportant to teach your parents because if you do they will continually text you long drawn out text messages and use abbreviations that no one will ever understand.  They will also misspell everything.

5. Turn it off: After sheer frustration from not being able to find anything on their iPhones they will surely want to give up.  So teach your parents to hold the main button and lock button at the same time.  They will surely only press it and take a million screenshots and become frustrated again.  So be sure to emphasize they need to HOLD the two buttons.

With these newly acquired skills, your parents will be much more confident about the fact you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and will impress all of their friends with the fact that their children are so “computer savvy.”


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