Americans Now All Experts at Gymnastics, Synchronized Diving, Beach Volleyball, and Swimming.

After watching gymnastics, synchronized diving, beach volleyball and swimming, Americans have all been declared experts on the matter.

Each American who has watched at least one hour of Olympic coverage since the start of the 2012 Olympics has been declared an expert on all sports seen by the public.  It may seem like a minimal amount needed to become an expert, but Malcolm Gladwell be damned.  Apparently the amount of time it takes to become an expert has lowered incredibly from 10,000 hours to one hour.

The Olympic Committee has begun asking Americans what scores each team should get, how they can better themselves, and what they did wrong in the process.  Since there are hundreds of millions of Americans now considered experts on the matters, it has been difficult for the athletes to figure out exactly how to better their talents.  Most people have simply told the athletes to “do better.”  Most of the athletes did not know they needed to “do better” so they have all increased their talents and begun acing all of their competitions.  Gold medals have become a clean sweep, and other countries have begun asking Americans how to increase their talents in London.  But they’ll never tell.


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