In an Even Stranger Turn of Events, Daniel Tosh DID NOT Joke About Rape Last Night.

Last night, Daniel Tosh went to another comedy club, as stand up comedians are known to do, and in a remarkable turn of events did NOT joke about rape last night.

Daniel Tosh broke his streak of over 1,000 nights joking about rape to his patrons.  Tosh has been in hot water over one girl being offended at one night of his rape jokes, not knowing that Tosh was going for the record of most times causing people to laugh about rape.  The previous record holder was by Andrew Dice Clay.  People have been laughing for years about his career being raped.  The previous record is ongoing but as of today is at 2,317 days making people laugh about rape.

No telling if he will start again the ambitious trek that he had embarked upon for the past few years or whether he will be forced to retire the rape jokes.


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