The List of Teams Dwight Howard Will Not Be Playing For…

There has been much talk about where Dwight Howard is going to play in the coming NBA season.  It is still undecided, but we thought it necessary to first rule out all of the teams he will not be playing for.  Here is a list of those teams:

New Jersey Nets
Hart High Indians
Green Bay Packers
Mighty Ducks
Los Angeles Kings
Miami Heat
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Edmonton Drillers
Atlanta Braves (despite Chipper Jones leaving a huge opening)
Boston Cannons
Chicago Fire
California Angels
Anaheim Angels
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Columbus Crew
Team Rocket
Cleveland Cavaliers (no one in Cleveland even wants to be playing in Cleveland)
New York Jets
Carolina Hurricanes
Rochester Lancers
FC Edmonton
Edmonton Rush (Edmonton really hates that guy)
Minnesota Swarm
Cincinnati Kings
Detroit Waza
Penn State
Las Vegas Locomotives
Squirtle Squad
San Diego State Aztecs
Chinese Olympic Gymnastics (he’s like 30 years too old [he’s only 26])
Los Angeles Blues
Team Pup N’ Suds
Every slow pitch softball team
The Little Giants

No one is quite sure where Dwight Howard will be playing when the coming NBA season starts, but we can be sure about the teams he will definitely not be playing for.  And we should all talk about every single team he will not be playing for.


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