Everyone at Rawful News Now Gay for Anderson Cooper

We will find you.

As recently discussed in the last article on Rawful News, Anderson Cooper announced that he is gay. Not too soon after researching pictures for the article everyone at Rawful News came out of the closet. Anderson Cooper has made us gay.

Given the enormous task of viewing every beautiful picture of that man and all of the great work he has done, it has converted us to gays.  His beautiful silver fox hair, his buff body, smooth skin and of course great work in journalism had us all thinking for a while.  He is obviously the perfect man.  If he were straight, we would become women.  But since he is attracted to men we understand what must be done.  We must choose to be gay.

Many of the writers for Rawful News have now begun treatment from the church to remove all homosexual feelings from their minds, but Anderson Cooper’s pull is too strong.  We…must…give…in.


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3 Responses to Everyone at Rawful News Now Gay for Anderson Cooper

  1. List of X says:

    Congratulations! I am still able to resist, because I’ve never watched CNN, so haven’t seen his shows. The pictures just don’t do enough for me, unfortunately

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