Boy Leaves House Unlocked for 5 Seconds. Finds Family Murdered.

A tragedy occurred today in the small, typically peaceful, town known as West Spring Falls, Minnesota.  All but one member of a family of five was murdered today in their home after the youngest had forgotten to lock the front door for five seconds.

Timothy Maxwell had been repeatedly reminded by his parents to lock the front door.  Despite living in a small town of merely 15,000 and having a crime rate far lower than the national and state averages, his parents always warned of the bad things that would soon follow after leaving the front door unlocked.  “This is the kind of area where people least expect crime to happen,” his mother always told him.  “We’ve had problems with attempted burglaries in the past,” she would say despite the fact that the last reported burglary was before Timothy was even born.

On a normal Saturday three weeks ago, Timothy went for a bike ride like he did on most Saturdays.  But as a method of silent protest Timothy left the door unlocked just to prove there was nothing to worry about.  He simply rode his bike around the block and was gone for no more than five minutes.  But he returned to find the door agape.  Inside he found his family, mother and father, brother and sister, murdered.  He called 911 as his family had taught him to do in case of emergencies, even though emergencies did not seem to ever happen.  Here at Rawful News, we are pretty sure the moral of this story is never question your parents paranoia.  They will be murdered if you do.


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2 Responses to Boy Leaves House Unlocked for 5 Seconds. Finds Family Murdered.

  1. Lewis Westcott says:

    I am assuming that this is not a real story. I find it strange that there is not one other website that reports this event. I guess this is just “satire and gossip”. Some sort of story with a moral point. If this is a real story, please provide references as to where you got this information?

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