Boy Breaks World Record for Amount of Groceries Carried in House at One Time.

Gotta catch ’em all.

Little Bobby Quinto, aged 13, just broke the world record for the amount of grocery bags taken in the house at one time by lugging over 72 plastic grocery bags.

Every time Bobby’s mom (or dad since this is the 21st century) would come home, he would attempt to bring in the grocery bags without making extra trips.  He had been gaining strength as time went on.  He first started out with one bag.  The next year worked his way up to a few bags.  Next year he hit double digits.

“I knew he had a knack for carrying the bags at a young age,” Bobby’s mommy of thirteen years stated.  “It was never enough for him to just grab a couple.  He always wanted more and more.  Insatiable that boy is.”  That ability led to an interest in the grocery arts.  One day he stumbled across the Guinness World Records site and discovered that the previous record for grocery bag carrying in one trip was forty-two filled grocery bags.  He knew he could shatter that record and thereby make his mommy proud in the process.

He scheduled a meeting with them and a date of when to set the record.  He knew his mom goes to the grocery store every other week on Tuesdays.  So he scheduled it for a month later to have enough of a training period.  Cue Rocky music, he trained and struggled, and tugged and lugged.  Bags tore and hearts ripped, but when the time came to measure how many filled grocery bags he could carry Bobby far surpassed expectations reaching 72 filled bags.  As a prize he gets a plaque from the Guinness World Records and also does not have to make two trips out to the car.


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