Baseball Coach’s Enthralling Speech Followed by Realization That Team Will Sit on Bench and Eat Snacks for Hours.

Delicious snacks. But snacks nonetheless.

Jim Farfield, Head Coach of the Men’s JV Baseball Team at Hart High School in Santa Clarita gave one of the most impassioned speeches of his career which was only followed by his team’s realization that they will sit around scratching themselves and eating snacks for hours.

The 10 – 2 Indians had entered the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.  They have become the pride of their hometown.  This was the first game of the playoffs and Coach Farfield knew it was important not only to those playing in it, but to a town that needs something to believe in.  Coach practiced his speech for days. As the team finished their ritualized stretches and warm ups, they gathered near the home dugout.  Coach Farfield began his speech.

We have chosen to not type it out here as the written words would do no justice to the speech given.  But it started slow emphasizing the importance of this not just as a game, but as a metaphor for their entire lives.  Later in life they could always look back on this moment and be proud of what they had accomplished whether the night ended in a win or loss.  But with a win tonight they would have achieved something more.  Something more than most people will ever feel in their lives.  Greatness.

The speech went on for roughly five minutes climaxing with the young men jumping up and down in an immediate show of approval for the speech and for their readiness to play.  A reality check ensued as the young men realized that they would be standing around in a field waiting for a ball to roll to them for half of the time and the other half spent sitting on a wooden bench eating sunflower seeds and chewing on gum.  Their demeanor changed almost instantly as the speech ended.  They ended the night losing 19-1.  The 1 run scored was given to them out of pity.  They have nothing to be proud of and now their town hates them.


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