Romney Must Cater to Everyone in Order to Receive Everyone’s Vote.

This guy knows what you want.

In the coming 2012 General Election, there is one very key demographic that will be important to winning the election: Americans.

There has been much talk about Obama catering to the minority vote, or how Romney plans on appealing to the Latinos, or how either side will achieve the majority of female voters.  None of these demographics are truly enough to win the General Election.  The one demographic that could push either candidate over the proverbial edge is Americans.  Americans hold the key to winning this next election.

No other demographic holds more power and number of votes than Americans do.  In order to win these votes Romney will have to cater to all Americans to receive all of their votes.  “It is very important us here at the Romney camp to make sure every single person in this nation is happy,” stated Romney’s Chief Strategist Charles McMillan.  “It may seem like we are flip flopping to some, but to us we are simply catering to everyone because everyone in the United States is always right.  That’s why we have a democracy.”

The only people the Romney camp is not catering to are Native Americans.  The Romney camp does not believe they are real Americans.


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