Area Black Man Admits: “I Kinda Like Sitting in the Back of the Bus.”

Local black man Jared Hitchinson confessed to reporters while using Savannah, Georgia’s public transit system that he “kind of enjoy[s] sitting in the back of the bus.”

A Rawful News reporter who rides the bus every day to work like a homeless person, has been noticing Mr. Hitchinson enter the bus every morning and walk to the back of the bus where he takes a seat, pulls out a book, and enjoys his ride from the back bench.  As time went on, a curious thing began to happen.  Other members of the bus ride began to criticize Hitchinson for sitting in the back of the bus.

“Don’t you know Rosa Parks fought for your right to sit in the front of the bus!” shouted one infuriated white person.  “You don’t have to sit back there anymore.  You have to sit that the front now,” exclaimed another bystander.  “It’s just the area I ended up sitting in,” stated Hitchinson.  “I didn’t really think about it.  Humans are creatures of habit.”

Reportedly, Hitchinson has been experiencing multiple counts of racism.  For the past few weeks, fellow morning travellers have been forcing him to sit in the front telling him that it is ‘his right.’  So far, no one has stepped in to help him as everyone is deathly afraid to be labelled a racist.  This is a new wave of reverse, reverse racism that is sweeping the nation.


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