Tampons so Absorbant, You Can Just Pee Into.

Hello ladies and welcome to the future of protection!  Tampacks has just released a new and improved tampon that is so absorbent that you can literally pee into them and not worry about any leaks.

For years, tampons have come just shy of perfection.  They have been there for you through thick and thin.  But mainly thin if you know what I mean.  A new line of tampons will hit shelves next week that are so absorbent, women will literally be able to urinate into them without any risk of leaks.  The amount of liquid these Tampacks can hold is rumored to be up to three cups of liquid, depending on the viscosity.

“Although we do not recommend anyone who has control of their bladder to pee into the tampons, but we’re just saying, when you gotta go, ya gotta go,” stated Tampacks spokesman John Hodges.  For years, girls with heavy flows have been attempting to hide their shame in dark clothes and sweatshirts tied around waists.  Now that this is a fashion ‘no-no,’ new ways need to be invented.  That way is upon us.  And soon to be inside of us as well.  You can pick up the packs of Tampacks at any local convenient store for the low price of $9.95 per tampon.  Have fun explaining them at the cash register.


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