Los Angelenos Excited For The Kings to Take Their Minds Off of The Lakers

The Stanley Cup Finals is in full swing right now.  The Los Angeles Kings have made a historic run to the Finals at the optimal moment.  This comes at a time when the people of LA are still mourning over the lost playoff run by the Lakers.

Los Angeles is not typically known as a hockey town, considering they have the Dodgers, the Lakers, and no snow ever.  But the Kings have nonetheless made their way to the Stanley Cup Finals.  On the other hand the Los Angeles Lakers have just lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  People were taking to the streets to show their disdain when all of the sudden a banner for the Kings was draped over the giant banner for the Lakers.  The crowd stopped the rioting and began to stare blankly at the banner as if they were inmates at Shawshank penitentiary and beautiful opera music was being played on the intercom system.

The rioting ceased entirely and everyone went home to buy Kings jerseys, Kings flags, and Kings bobbleheads.  So far it seems it has distracted folks long enough to forget about the Lakers but no telling how long it will last as millions of Los Angelenos have Lakers flags connected to their car windows.  Someone is bound to remember.

*On a side note no one seemed to notice the Clippers had lost either.


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