Guantanamo Bay Being Used to Hold Internet Pirates

Today, the White House Administration told the public that Guantanamo Bay will remain open indefinitely in order to hold the thousands being arrested for piracy.

When President Barack Obama was running for the 2008 Presidency, one of his many promises he made to the American public was to shut down Guantanamo Bay, aka “Gitmo.”  That promise has not been fulfilled yet.  To this day it has remained open and full of prisoners.  Though the type of prisoners will begin to change from hardened enemy combatants and terrorists to something a lot more dangerous.  Internet pirates.

With the invention of the internet has come numerous breakthroughs in technology, innovation, and simply the way we live our lives.  But it has also brought about a new form of black market.  This black market has caused both the music and movie industries millions, if not billions of dollars in revenue.  The penalties for those who are caught pirating have become increasingly harsher mainly because they threaten our very way of life, even more than terrorists do.  In order to appease those who have been calling for the closure of Guantanamo Bay, President Obama has decided to release all of the terrorists into the wild, and fill the jail cells with those accused of internet piracy.  In here they will spend the duration of the time they have not been convicted for, but it is to make sure they are kept away from every computer or smart phone available.  Maybe do a push up or two.  Lord knows the nerds could use it.

It is about time President Barack Obama used his powers for good instead of socialism.


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2 Responses to Guantanamo Bay Being Used to Hold Internet Pirates

  1. All part of the FEMA plan, just another camp which is starting to fill with the US citizens who dared to speak out.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    dissidents beware!!

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