Daily Show Being Sued for False Advertisement.


The Daily Show had this past week off, unlike most Americans who were still tirelessly working into the night.  Which is the reason why viewers of the show have begun a class-action lawsuit against the famous comedy satire program for false advertising.

What’s in a name?  Apparently not that much anymore.  “The Daily Show” is high claim for a show that only airs Monday through Thursday.  That is only 4/7 of the week.  But that fact could very possibly be overlooked if they continued to air every single week.  Right now, the show is in the middle of a few week hiatus.  Not really what most would consider a “daily” occurrence Mr. Stewart.

The Daily Show and Jon Stewart have found themselves in the middle of a class action lawsuit between them and their loyal, but recently pissed off, viewers.  There are over a million signed on to the suit with more pouring in all of the time.  The lawsuit is expected to take three years and keep the show from airing anymore episodes until the network promises the show will either be aired every single day, or the name is changed to “Sporadically Aired Show.”  No word as to who will crack first.  Rawful News will keep you posted.


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