Eclipse Surely a Sign the 2012 Apocalypse is Coming.

Yesterday, folks all over the world joined at the same time to witness the annular solar eclipse.  Many have decided that this is a sure sign the world will come to an end in 2012.

Planets aligning has been a clear sign of the apocalypse in every doomsday movie since before movies were made.  And almost everyone is aware of the impending doom we all face.  If not on December 21, 2012, it will definitely be soon after because the way things are being run all over the world, it is not looking too good.  Typically, people are not ready to overestimate the importance of events so Rawful News is very sure that people are not overreacting.

“The end of the world is near,” stated one misinterpreted foreigner.  “It is God talking to us.  That he will block out the sun with arrows.  Or something.”  Seems logical enough.  Another expert stranger we found stated that “I’m pretty sure it is just the point of view we are at from Earth.  The moon is simply travelling blah blah blah” is what he sounded like before we tuned him out.

The question now is do we wait, or do we fight the moon from ever boxing us out from the sun again.  Nukes away.


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