Almost Not Enough Baguettes to Go Around At French President’s Induction

Nom noms.

This past week, Francois Hollande was sworn in as President of France to much applause and cheer.

But the cheers soon ran south as the staff and citizens around began to wonder whether there would be enough baguettes for everyone.  The party was bountiful with food, music, and French wine.  Though apparently they just call it wine.  But the platter of small baguettes, typically long thin loafs of bread, was running visibly low only an hour into the ceremony.  Even before the swearing in had begun, the crowd was stirring.  “Where are more baguettes?” people shouted in their native language.  There appeared to be one platter left of the delectable bread bites as the ravenous crowd had already torn into them.

When President-elect Francois Hollande had begun the swearing in ceremony the crowd was not even paying attention.  The baguettes were completely depleted.  People even started throwing snails as a statement towards how they would rather starve than not eat baguettes.  Luckily the event was catered so once the baguettes had been finished, a new batch was being made.  So in the end there were enough to go around, but it sure was a scare unlike any other.

Francois Hollande was probably sworn in without any other hitch.


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5 Responses to Almost Not Enough Baguettes to Go Around At French President’s Induction

  1. cuberoot says:

    reminds me of the great baguette scare of 1975, over in Belgium. Many lives were ruined. Tragic.

  2. Mike Licht says:

    Hollande: “Let them eat cake!”

  3. Mike Licht says:

    That’s a question for the European Central Bank.

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