Guitar Center Finally Sells First Guitar

The owners of Guitar Center are celebrating this week over the first sale of a guitar from one of their stores.

Guitar Center is known for having more guitars lining their walls than any other competitor.  For years, amateur and professional guitarists have traveled to the closest Center to practice their best rendition of a Green Day song or the first seven notes from Stairway to Heaven.  But none of those jam sessions have led to a sale thus far.  Why buy the cow when you can play it for free?  But recently that streak was snapped when a sixteen year old Maryland kid decided to spend his money he had saved up from odd jobs on a brand new guitar.

“My parents said if I saved up and bought my own guitar they would buy my amp.  So I’ve been practicing every day at Guitar Center,” said sixteen year old Matthew Berry.  “There were always others playing guitar.  Like a lot of others.  So I’m just assuming they’re all saving up like me.  They wouldn’t just come and play expensive guitars for free all their life right?”  Guitar Center is throwing a party to celebrate the occasion.  Tons of t-shirts and drumsticks will be raffled off.

There has  been no comment from any of the other amateur guitarists as to whether they will buy one soon.  But they did mention their EP would be coming out sometime in the next few years.


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