ESPN Excited to Have Real News to Report

The entire sports community is devastated to hear of the loss experienced today.  Junior Seau was found in his Oceanside home deceased from a gun shot.  But some are not feeling as down about the whole situation.

Sportscenter, ESPN’s flagship program, is very well known for reporting on every quote and every look from players simply to fill the unending amount of time they are allotted.  In the past, Sportscenter has speculated everything from Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant’s rocky relationship because of a broken engagement, to Lebron’s mother’s sexual conquests, to Nascar.  All things that would not normally appear on a true journalist’s agenda.

With the real news story of Seau’s unfortunate and untimely death, members of Sportscenter are extremely excited to feel their jobs are worth doing and not simply making up stuff to fill up time in between ads for Gatorade’s G Series and the NBA Playoffs.

*All this being said, I am very saddened by the passing of Junior Seau.  For my first birthday away from home I went to Seau’s.  I also went there with my family for my SDSU Graduation dinner.  The Chargers were the first NFL team I ever saw play live.  Junior Seau was on that team and even at a young age it was obvious he was in a league of his own.  I will never forget cringing when I saw him jump for a tackle and snap his arm in half only to watch him walk off as if nothing had happened.  You will be missed sir.


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One Response to ESPN Excited to Have Real News to Report

  1. RIP Junior… and also ESPN’s fake news/real news quotient.

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