“Maybe Just Eat One Ice Cream Sandwich Tonight May” Is Upon Us.

It seems the only way Americans can remember not to be fat or be a good person is to create a catchy slogan about it.  This year’s event is “Maybe Just Eat One Ice Cream Sandwich Tonight May”

In a clever attempt to increase the desirability of exercising for at least one month, the city of Los Angeles has decided to implement a program called “Catchy Slogans for Health.”  This is an attempt to create an atmosphere where Angelenos will actually remember to exercise or not eat like a proverbial cow.  This is their first initiative.

Press Secretary Angela Mangold stated to reporters earlier this morning that “Los Angelenos and Americans for that matter are notorious for shoving their faces full of unhealthy snacks with no nutritional value like ice cream sandwiches, diet sodas, and chips.  This slogan is an attempt to remind them, maybe just have one ice cream sandwich tonight.  No one is trying to take them away from you.”

By eating one less ice cream sandwich a night, Angelenos could save approximately 488 calories and many pounds over many years.  But there is a reason why people continue to eat these unhealthy snacks over and over again.  Because they are so damn delicious.  Apparently Ms. Mangold (we are assuming she is not married) has never tried a delicious treat before.  Rawful News predicts this will be yet another failed attempt by the government to halt our insatiable hunger for snacks.


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