Colonoscopies: Necessary Medical Procedure or Democrats Pushing Their Liberal Agenda? We Investigate.

For years, men who reach the age of 50 are told they need a colonoscopy to make sure their colon does not have any problems that could one day threaten their lives.

But recently the “necessary” medical procedure has come under fire as most men are arguing “What the fuck are you doing up there?!”

Many have rumored that the procedure is not only completely unnecessary, but an attempt at furthering the liberal agenda.  Let’s take a look at how colonoscopies are connected to the liberal agenda.

1. Liberals have been fighting for LGBT rights for a couple years including a push for gay marriage in many states across the United States.  Colonoscopies are about the gayest thing most men will experience in their life minus that one time in college but you were drunk so what does it matter?  It is one man placing a long rod up your anal cavity.

2. Colonoscopies would be one of the many outpatient procedures that Obamacare would mandate private insurances to cover.  It is a proven fact that Obamacare is socialism (Science pg. 172) and socialism has been on the liberal agenda for years.  This would only bring them one step closer to electing the devil and destroying the world as we know it.

3. Democrats are notorious for denouncing the role of war in our society.  Instead they would just rather lay around and have men stick things up their anus.  ‘Pacifists’ basically means anal sex.

So in conclusion, Rawful News has found many links between colonoscopies and the liberal agenda the Democrats are constantly pushing up our buttholes.  When you turn fifty and are told to have your colon checked, just remember it is basically checking Democrat on your voter registration form.


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