iPad 3 to Release Later This Year. iPad 4 to Release Three Weeks Later.

Apple released a statement last week revealing that the iPad 3 will be hitting a store near you sometime later this year.  They then quickly followed with another statement revealing the iPad 4 will be out three weeks later.

Most Americans (at least those with a heart) are very excited to see what new features the third installment of iPads will bring to the table.  Many have plans to toss their old iPads and start completely over for a sleeker design and undoubtedly better screen quality.  But soon after most people have become acclimated to the new version of the iPad they will have to reboot their minds once again because a better even sleeker version of the iPad 3 will be coming out three weeks later.

This version will have an even sleeker design with an even higher picture resolution and even better camera quality.  All of these even better aspects to the iPad 4 will make it a must have for the late summer months of 2012.  If you happen to decide to stick with the iPad 3 your life will most likely be much worse for it and you will probably die alone.  No word as of yet about the prospective release date for the iPad 5 but it will probably be five days after the iPad 4.  Happy shopping!


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