North Korean Missile Blows Load Too Soon

Boom goes the dynamite

North Koreans were very embarrassed this past week after their missile blew it’s load too soon.

North Koreans attempted to show how powerful and strong their might is by sending up a missile into the beautiful cloud bosom.  All previous attempts had finished unsuccessfully.  But this time the Koreans knew they would “man up” and their missile would last the time it needed in order to make an impression on Mother Earth.

But sadly for the North Koreans, their missile lost its stuff shortly after exiting the gate.  The anticipation had been palpable across North Korea and is most likely one of the reasons the missile could not maintain.  North Koreans have released a statement saying that it’s not “used to days that are so hot.”  It was reportedly a much hotter day than the Koreans usually ever come in contact with.  Also, apparently the gate the missile came from was much too tight an area for the rocket which most likely played a large role in the early finish.  And finally, just the fact that this has never really been tried before by the North Koreans.  Except for those two other times, but they were drunk so what do you want from them?!

North Korea will undoubtedly shoot another rocket again someday.  But the world will probably never look at them the same again.

*We realize this is practically old news by now, but we got busy ok?!  Dick.


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