Rick Santorum’s Sweater Vest to be Retired in the Halls of the RNC.

Following the news that Rick Santorum will be leaving the race ending his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Republicans felt it would be appropriate to retire his sweater vest.

Sports teams are typically the ones known for retiring jerseys or memorabilia.  Few know that Republicans have been retiring things for years.  Dick Cheney’s first and second hearts, George W’s flask, Ronald Reagans everything.  The list goes on and on.  No one believed Rick Santorum could ever become President.  And they were right.  But that did not keep him from trying his darndest.  So in honor of his valiant efforts, his sweater vest will be retired in the headquarters of the RNC until the November election is over.  At that time no one will remember Santorum and his vest will be taken down and probably peed on before it is gently placed in the trash.



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