Mormon Bishops Put in Room with Homosexuals. All Leave with AIDS.

Ah gay!

For years, Mormons and the Mormon Church have been at odds with the homosexual community.  The Church of Latter-Day Saints largely funded the Proposition 8 movement in California banning gay marriage indefinitely.  Many felt it was time for the two to put aside their differences and come to some kind of ‘cease-fire’ if you will.

So the sides nominated their most vocal leaders to meet and discuss the difficulties between the two viewpoints.  One the Mormon side they chose the most well-respected Bishops.  On the homosexual side they chose the heads of GLAAD.  The two met on neutral ground in Montana (neutral because nobody lives there) and behind closed doors they began to work on an agreement.  But something strange happened while they were in there because when they left they all had full blown AIDS.

The meeting was not open to the public or to any reporters, cameras, or photographs.  So no one is quite sure what happened or who the AIDS started with.  “They did each eat a pudding pack while they were there,” stated Spokesman for the event and totally not closeted homosexual Bishop Erickson.  “So we are testing any contaminations that may have been in the pudding.  Those pudding packs were supposedly DE-licious.  But as far as them all having sex together in a giant pile that would be so yucky.  I seriously doubt that would happen in a world.”

The two groups are currently undergoing treatment for their AIDS and have collectively decided to not make any comments to the  press until an agreement can be made on what happened behind those closed doors.  So never.


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